Intuitive Healing Coach

Helping you fly higher in business, family and life.


Carolyn K. McGraw is a highly acclaimed Speaker and Entrepreneur Coach Extraordinaire. She is recognized as a gifted Intuitive Healer, known as a “Soul Whisperer.” She is also a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Teacher and Poet as well. She offers innovative solutions to transform business, family and life. Carolyn is an expert at providing her clients with clarity on their passion and purpose as she uses cutting edge techniques to clear mental, emotional and physical issues rapidly.


She has been featured as a guest expert in magazines, radio and TV shows such as “Paranormal Connections.” She has written college curriculum implemented at several institutions. Carolyn will be hosting her own TV show called, “Soul Medicine” on the Women’s Broadcast Television Network. She is an elite member of the Speakers Coalition Group.


Beauty in the Pain…Discovering the Hidden Masterpiece Within is the title of Carolyn’s forth coming book based on her experience as a high school teacher changing the lives of her students with Poetry Therapy. She is founder and CEO of Social Healing with Poetry which is a mentoring program for At-Risk Youth, healing emotional wounds through the Arts. She is a board member of “Keynote Poets of Sacramento and has published several poems.

Carolyn is a spiritually minded entrepreneur playing at a higher frequency. She offers powerful life changing techniques that gently release the issues holding back the joys of life. She teaches a dynamic course on Spiritual Marketing to help launch your passion to the world. In addition to her Healing/Coaching sessions she also provides a mentoring program for Youth/Parents, Speakers/Performers and Entrepreneurs.


Her other accomplishments include a Masters’ Degree in Education. She has worked as a Reading Specialist as well as an elementary and high school teacher. She certified in Alchemical Hypnotherapy and has helped train students also.

 Carolyn has trained in the following modalities: Intuitive Energy Medicine, Massage, Reflexology, Energy Connection, Somatic Healing, Cranial Sacral, Foot Zone & Healing From Within. Carolyn loves dancing, swimming, reading, learning, and inspiring others. She has four incredible children and lives in the Sacramento area.