Beautiful Pain

Beautiful Pain

There is a melodic, chaotic beauty

 Hidden deep within my broken, tainted heart 

My mind’s memories refrains hurtful tunes

  Remorseful stirrings lose
Despair pressing in

 Stifling, choking 

Hide it, bury it, don't show it

I am taught
Aching throbbing captured rage
Can’t breathe, can't move



 Waiting for wings of sweet release

Locking fear holding down

As blaming torment imprisons

Imprinting, constricting
Desperation screams out for transcendence 

Buried feelings never die

Must reveal the tortured wounds seeking freedom

Cannot bare rejections agony
But worse,

   Suffering suppression suffocating

Draining who I am 
Invading, interrupting

Who I wish to be 
Must get disturbance, commotion out

Before it's too late

Too late to live a lovely life

I know my healing cure 
Grasp the rope of hope 
Step into courage

Open and be seen under vulnerabilities gaze
Be heard

The ramblings of my soul’s dark tune
speak it, write it

Express it out 
Create something
Give flight to tormenting layers

 Destructive damaging thoughts
Blaming, bitterness
Dispersing now
Regenerating light

Resuscitating cells
Oxygen saving
My heart song emerging
Echoed out
Not alone 
Melting ice, flowing water

 Story spoken
 Anguished relief inviting
 Souls scars
 Healing mind, heart
 Inspired hands

 Molding, creating 
Poetic art 
Dancing musically

 Sweet remedy’s tonic 
Gently touching your impassioned wounded heart
Soothing, mending

 Golden sun shines healing light
Divinely guided

Our dark melody transformed together


Exquisite soulful poetry
My Beautiful pain
your painful beauty


                                    -Carolyn McGraw