The Life of Words

The Life of Words


Carolyn McGraw


Words, words, words 


Letters, sounds, meanings


Words coming at me




What did you mean by that?


Childhood rant, “sticks and stones may hurt my bones, but names will never hurt me


Wrong, false


Regretful words


Falling out of my mouth


Sounds hitting my ears


Expressions imprisoned in my throat


Wreaking havoc on my brain


Repeating a distasteful refrain


Last words, cutting words, loving words


Words so simple as ABC


Misused for destruction


Changing lives


Those words


Stealing life or healing joy?


Stabbing words, heart break


Painful, criticizing, judging who I am


Those lies, those words I hide from


I don’t want to hear


Can’t stop those words from repeating




Yelling, your’e not worthy


Moving into fear, fear of expressing who I am


They, those words, those words of truth I keep hidden


Please listen,


Do not judge


Fear of what you think


My body aching


Aching with thousands of words that must give birth


Give birth to all those feelings


Captured beneath, brewing storm


I hold back, they push forward




Screaming at me to unleash


They won’t leave me alone




My truth, my thoughts, my feelings all demanding life


Freedom to be heard,


Freedom to be spoken


Forgive me, I forgive you


Churning in my stomach


Choking in my throat


Must get relief from the pain spilling out


Get those words out

Piercing through the clouds of doubt


Praising words of sunshine


Uplifting, healing words


Nourishing my soul words


Joyous, hallalujiah words,


Giving flight
 Singing heavenly melodies


Divine words


 Floating gently, illuminating dark
Comfort, inspiration, truth


I believe those words, crystals of truth words


 I love that word!


I choose to only accept truth


I stay in the light


I welcome lovely words in and only lovely words out


I am powerful and push destructive words out