Healing Arts

Healing Arts

Carolyn K. McGraw

 Healing is the art of seeking balance and peace using an energetic spiritual light to harmoniously bring the body, mind and spirit into alignment. Intuitive tools are used uncover the root cause of issues and clear them. Holistic healing is about learning how to tap into your own inner healing mechanism as well as tuning in to the truth by listening to the messages from the body and spirit. The body sends messages in the form of discomfort and pain alerting us that a constriction of energy is pulling our body off our natural rhythm. Our body chemistry is altered by our thoughts and emotions at the subatomic level. Where our thought flow our energy goes. Every thought and feeling you have affect the cells in your body.  


Positive emotions such as love and forgiveness make the body strong and are healing. Happy people think happy thoughts and depressed people think depressing thoughts. Happy people focus on solutions and the unhappy people focus on problems. The key to happiness is to focus on what you are grateful for as well as all the goodness and beauty everywhere. Anthony DeMello wrote, “Why is everyone here so happy except me? Because they have learned to see goodness and beauty everywhere, said the master. Why don't I see goodness and beauty everywhere? Because you cannot see outside of you what you fail to see inside.”


80% of our stress is emotional energy which creates tension and pain in our body. The disease process begins with a pattern of unbalanced energy. Toxic emotions such as anger and fear weakens the body and lowers the immune system.  Releasing trapped emotions, negative thoughts and beliefs does improve health. By changing your thoughts you can change your life.


Accidents and illnesses occur to wake us up to what is really important. We may have ignored promptings to do certain things that our heart is leading us to. We may have resisted our spirit’s whisperings to take our life on a different path pushing us to stop living beneath our potential. Wayne Dyer said, “If you are not getting what you want, there is an absence of love somewhere in your inner world.” Finding out what is amiss inside our heart can launch us into a life of passion and purpose.  Healing can help you find that place in you that needs a little tender loving care. Changing and growing is a process of learning, accepting, forgiving and loving.  


When you are cleared and balanced on all levels of your being you are free to live your life from a higher place. As a result your relationships can transform and your goals become easier to accomplish. Joy happens when you are in alignment with your health, values and life purpose thus allowing you to be free to shine your true magnificence, singing and dancing with the harmony of life!