Help From the Other Side

Help From the Other Side

Carolyn K. McGraw

There are two worlds here, the world we see and the unseen world. I have seen the light, the dark and the in between parts. The light is full of angels and guides who may even be our ancestors. They come to protect and comfort us. The dark is full of entities that distract and try to interfere in our purpose to do well.  The in between part is the drain of earthbound spirits that are stuck here with their unfinished business. It is a spiritual gift to be able to see and feel into other dimensions. It is a talent that often runs in families just like any other talent can. In the healing work that I do I have seen the healing energy go in both directions in this world and through the veil. We can help spirits to move on and they in turn want to help us to go on.

Many times are our ancestors are our very own guardian angels helping us to become happier and healthier. Generational healing is a very exciting part of my work. Many times we are dealing with emotional baggage, false beliefs and issues that are not even our own! Our bodies and minds have a blueprint of our lineage. We inherit the good, the bad and the ugly from our ancestors. Doctors understand this genetic link and always inquire about family history because they know that disease and illness can be passed down generationally.

It is the very same way with emotions, beliefs, traumas and even unfinished business. If it is not dealt with on the earth plane it will be left to be dealt with in the next existence. Our unresolved issues do not disappear when we leave our bodies and our unfinished business is not over. People who commit suicide do not become free of all their pain. They are not instantly healed and released from their issues. They will still have to deal with their thoughts, feelings and the added guilt of taking their own life.  

From father to son to grandson and so on to future generations, emotions, experiences, addictions and beliefs are passed down into the cells in our DNA. Just like the family heirlooms that we own and plan to pass down to the next generation adding our own precious heirlooms to be kept in our family. Our bodies, mind and behavior can be adversely affected by generational baggage creating discord within us.  It doesn’t seem fair that we have to deal with issues that interfere in our lives and are not even our own. Maybe we don’t have to take the blame for all our problems? This may bring a little comfort as to why it has been such so difficult to overcome certain issues. Hopefully, this insight can elicit even more compassion upon ourselves for our struggles and weaknesses.

The following experience is an example of how we inherit miasmas (genetic issues) that can adversely affect our lives. There was a man that had been dealing with depression throughout his life and did not know why. He had no explanation for the overwhelming sadness that had hung over him all his life. He had not experienced any real trauma or loss and was blessed with everything he wanted in life.

 During a healing session he was able to tap into the memories of his past ancestors which specifically explained why he had plagued with sad feelings.  He was able to see an image in his mind of a great, great, great grandmother crying and overcome with a deep grief. As he looked deeper and asked questions he came to understand that her grief was about her losing her child.  Her young son had wondered off and fell into a river and drowned.

 She blamed herself for his death and was unable to let go of the guilt which held in the depression. She was lost in a deep depression for the rest of her life. That depression was passed right on down in the DNA to her posterity. Her great, great, great grandson was holding her grief in his cells because she had not forgiven herself.  She was still being affected by this unresolved trauma in her next life thus hindering her progression. With this new realization the man felt great relief to finally understand that his unexplained depression was not his own and this truth resonated within him. How did he get relief? In a form of spirit to spirit communication he was able to turn and help his great, great, great grandmother understand the importance of forgiving herself. As she did the depression was lifted from the family line thus freeing him, her and other relatives from depression.

Our family and future generations are effected by our thoughts, beliefs and emotions more deeply than we realized. Who wants their emotional baggage to get heavier? Take care of it all in this life so you can be free of it in the next one. Until someone breaks the cycle and does the healing work generational issues will continue to keep on giving. It is really astounding to realize that we are able to help those who have passed onto the other side and they in turn desire to help us too. Healing miracles are there for all, in this world and the unseen world. The lesson is to not waste another moment and just accept, forgive and love now! Forgiveness is the key to healing because forgiveness is the greatest healer!

In Radionic Therapy, we can actually determine which side of the family a miasma or inherited predisposition has been passed down. It can be determined how many generations back an issue goes. The healing is about sending the light of forgiveness and love on the ancestors effected with the issue that would like the healing.  We free ourselves and our loved ones of genetic patterns that have interfered in our lives. It is a beautiful thing to feel the client’s deceased grandparents come into the room as we both feel their love and gratitude for what is taking place. It is an incredible experience to have tools to be able to heal our family on all levels and dimensions. We can heal ourselves, free our ancestors and give the healing gift to our future family.

It is my passion to bring families closer and improve relationships on a higher level. It brings great joy to me to see at the end of a session my clients eyes sparkle as they feel a light and a peace fill them. The healing energy sets them free and they are able to come home to themselves and love all that is there.