Transformational Healing
An integrated short-cut to wholeness using an innovative, unique blend of Intuitive Counseling, Energy Healing and Alchemical Hypnotherapy. The process is relaxing and balances and aligns the body, mind and spirit. The techniques powerfully clear emotions, negative energies and limiting beliefs. Learn effective tools to tune into inner wisdom and and enjoy better relationships, sleep, vitality, clarity and balance.



Cellular Stress Release


Healing Within is an energetic technique that works to optimize the body’s own capacity to heal. It opens up the communication of the body on a cellular level to balance and align the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. The tools used are kinesiology and the science of thought-energy to specifically clear toxins, heavy metals & emotions. It also aligns the skeletal system and stabilizes organs and glands. It addresses pathogens, allergens, hormone imbalances and generational issues. It powerfully clears higher dimensional energetic disturbances of underlying issues.


Techniques are effective for babies and animals too.




 Spiritual Hypnotherapy


A fascinating journey inward using guided imagery. Discover gifts/talents as well as direction and purpose. It is very effective for making any change faster and easier (addictions, weight loss, depression, anxiety, phobias, health and relationship issues as well as pain management).


Etheric Plane Communication Technique is a form of soul communication. It is a deep heart to heart connection that is able to transform relationships on a spiritual level;  making it easier to understand, forgive and let go.


Past Life Regression,  Future Life Progression, Preconception Contract