“It was the best money I ever spent on myself in my life! I have always felt a deep sadness and for the first time I am really happy! It was life changing in a beautiful magical way.”   Kaya, UT


“I accomplished more in two sessions with Carolyn than I did in two years of counseling!” Dave, CA


"After the session I breathed relief as a heavy weight lifted from my shoulders, leaving me changed with a new sense of energy. This powerful healing modalitiy helped me immediately with stress, limitations and goals in every area of my life!"Yvette, CA


"I felt free and empowered to do so much that had been unattainable just one hour before. The session helped me to dissolve my life long blocks in such an immediate and profound way. I now have a natural smile on my face and a lilt in my step as I have discovered inside myself a hidden treasure! Was like the real me is finally free to reach my dreams! Carolyn, helped me rid myself of a lifelong pile of emotional garbage that I simply didn't know how to throw out on my own."I am amazed that in just one session of hypnotherapy I was able to accomplish so much so easily. Troy, CA

 My son has improved in every way and is acting like a normal boy for the first time! His grades, behavior and social skills have all improved very quickly. He is getting along with his siblings like never before. His focus & concentration in school is much better too. It is amazing to see that after just two sessions with Carolyn how much better my son feels about himself and his life.” Sandi, CA


  “After one session I felt weird because I wasn’t used to feeling so calm! I told my mom the next day that I don’t need my ADD medication anymore because I feel so calm. After the next session I felt like a hot dagger was pulled out of my heart. Before I worked with Carolyn I felt like I was going to have a depressing life and now I know that I have good things to look forward to!”  Joey, CA (10 years old)